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What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that the website can create on the device you are using to surf. The purpose of cookies in general is to store and transport information. This is useful both for companies which can for example measure the usage of their sites by users, for users of both sites, allowing them, for example, to set your own personal browsing preferences (eg. the choice of language). uses cookies within your site primarily to make your browsing experience better. For example, if you visited a page on our website by customizing it and you want the next visit this will be returned as well as you had set, this is possible thanks to a cookie. can not through the cookie back to any of your personal information (eg. Name, surname, email) unless you provide it to you directly. Also, another website can not use a cookie issued by website to access other information on your computer. Once saved to your computer, the cookie can be read only by the website that created it.
If you keep reading, you’ll discover that the site uses different types of cookies. Some of these are essential to the functioning of the site. In any case, remember: you have the option, at any time, set your computer browser to accept all cookies, only some, or to reject them completely.

What we use cookies?

We only use cookies to improve navigation on the site (eg. the language saving set for navigation), without drawing any data.