Other equipment and plants

The development of solutions aimed at fulfilling the specific needs of customers has led C.M.P. Officine Meccaniche S.r.l. to build equipment and plant for processes and applications that vary widely from project to project, allowing the company to accumulate a vast legacy of new and precious areas of expertise.

Front slab charging plant for reheating furnace; 350 ton hydraulic thrust force; slab thickness from 180 to 360 mm.

6.5 m3 capacity slag tank made of electro welded steel plate with lifting beam for emptying duty.

Pusher table for feeding billets into furnace: billet cross-section 150x150 mm, billet length 6 m.

Roll stand for four- high cluster mill, table width 3,000 mm, roll diameter 400 mm.

Forming section: plant for the production of fibreglass rolls and panels for thermal and acoustic insulation.