Ladle inert gas coupling device – I.G.C.

It is of critical importance to make a quick and secure coupling for the injection of inert gas in the ladle through the porous plugs: with the I.G.C. device this goal can be achieved easily and efficiently. This equipment, in the horizontal and vertical coupling versions, is designed for use with ladles having one, two or three porous plugs, and it is designed in such a way as to compensate for inevitable ladle positioning tolerances.

Vertical coupling I.G.C.: assembly and coupling of male device / female device on 150 ton capacity ladle equipped with two porous plugs.

Vertical coupling I.G.C.: male device.

Horizontal coupling I.G.C.: assembly and testing of male device / female device coupling.

I.G.C. Horizontal coupling: male device for ladle equipped with two porous plugs.

Horizontal coupling I.G.C.: female device installed on ladle with two porous plugs.