Transport and handling

Over the years C.M.P. Officine Meccaniche S.r.l. has consolidated its experience in the development of material transport systems for use in the steel industry. Our construction work gives primary importance to the concepts of quality and safety, to guarantee rugged and durable products, plus all the advantages deriving from fast and easy maintenance.

100 ton capacity ladle tilting car.

100 ton capaciy scrap bucket car with load cells.

350 ton capacity ladle car for ladle furnace with load cells

50 ton capacity ladle car for foundries with hydraulic lifting mechanism and load cells.

20 ton capacity slag tank transporter trailer.

150 ton capacity open ladle car for ladle furnace.

Transport car, 50 Ton load capacity, radio controlled and battery power supply driving motion

Scrap bucket car, 200 Ton load capcity, with load weighing system, radio controlled and generating set power unit driving motion